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Free DARPA submarines hunter simulation Free DARPA ANTI-SUBMARINE WARFARE software lets gamers hunt submarines. Freeware
007: Time Goes Backwards A free open-source 3D James Bond game. Freeware
3D Arkout OpenGL 3D remake of classic arkanoid. Shareware
3D Asteroid Patrol The TRUE 3D version of Asteroids. Rocks surround you in 360 degrees! Freeware
Alberts Armageddon Free Asteroids-like game w/GLSL on capable cards. Freeware
Alien Flux Laser blasting arcade action! Williams defender meets Robotron. Commercial
Alone In The Dark 4 Survival horror Commercial
AmericanMcGees - Alice in Wonderland Action-Adventure with huge areas. Detailed textures, rich colors. It´s an artwork! Commercial
Amju 3D Animal-action-puzzle game! Freeware
Amju Super Cool Pool 3D pool game Shareware
Anachronox FPS using the Quake II engine Commercial
andTris3D A 3D tetris clone Freeware
ApoolGL realistic Billiards simulation using OpenGL GPL-style
Arabfifa Penalty soccer shoot game Freeware
Arkanoid3D.NET Arkanoid with Highscorelist and Leveleditor. Freeware
Avoyd Multiplayer 3D shooter with completely deformable scenery. Shareware
AYAL Ayal is a new brand of FPS game featuring lot of technologies. Commercial
AYAL A great action-RPG featuring latest 3D technologies and new brind of gameplay. Commercial
Battle for the 13th Spring A 3D space shooter game. Freeware
BeefQuake An open-source Quake II engine modification.. OpenGL only Freeware
Berusky 2 3D Logic game Commercial
BillardGL OpenGL pool billiard simulation. Freeware
Bioscythe Top down action game with a new engine written in OpenGL. Shareware
Bloxter Falling-blocks game in 3D, with monsters! Shareware
bricks The game goal is to free the prisonner by forcing a way through the bircks. Other
Brixout XP Fast-action block-smashing 3D game of the Arkanoid and Breakout family. Shareware
BZFLAG Multiplayer 3D tank battle game Freeware
Call Of Duty WW2 shooter Commercial
Cannon Smash Table Tennis (ping-pong) simulator Freeware
Chess Commander Next generation chess game. Shareware
Cia Operative CIA FPS game Commercial
ClearView RC Flight Simulator rc model flight simulator Shareware
ClusterBall Online ball and goal game Freeware
Corridors of Power First person shooter game with extra levels and tools for mod authors. Freeware
Cube An OpenGL based first person shooter engine & game Freeware
Cubo Rubik´s cube using OpenGL Freeware
Cyber-Huhn Cyber-chickens from outerspace fighting game Commercial
D-Day Normandy A Quake 2 WWII mod/standalone multiplayer Freeware
Daikatana FPS by John Romero using the QuakeII engine Commercial
Death Illustrated FPS in old comic book style based on CUBE engine. Freeware
Denuba A tense multiplayer game of chicken for the new millenium! Freeware
Deranged Raid 3D Flight Simulator / RTS genre mix game with massive multiplayer support. Freeware
Derelict Fast action game with unending enemy hordes in 33 levels of mayhem. Shareware
Descent3 Game where you fly a space ship through mines. Commercial
Disasteroids 3D A 3D-accelerated version of Asteroids with lots of neat features and polish. Freeware
Doom Legacy John Romero himself plays DOOM maps using the Legacy engine Freeware
Doom3 Sequel to Doom Commercial
Doomsday OpenGL/Direct3D 8 port of The Doom/Heretic/Hexen engine. Freeware
Downfall Real-time 3D falling blocks type game. Shareware
Drip Drop Game collection of 3 falling object puzzles Shareware
Duex Ex Futuristic role-playing adventure game Commercial
EclipseGL Free multiplayer FPS game using OpenGL Freeware
Energy 100 level puzzle game Shareware
Eternal Lands Online world, that will become a MMORPG Freeware
Falling Up Tetris with a twist. A rotating, OpenGL twist. GPL-style
Far Colony A game of exploration and space colonization in the 23th century. Freeware
FooBillard Billard and snooker in OpenGL for Linux and Windows. GPL-style
Free Space Colonization Turn based strategy game in a space environment. Beta
FreeGen FreeGen is a 3D tactical multiplayer first person shooter in space. Beta
FUEL Race around in offroad trucks and seadoos Commercial
FurtherTime Space combat sim/shooter Freeware
Future Pinball A real time pinball design tool. Shareware
Gangland Mixes real-time strategy, role-playing, and simulation, with a large dose of high paced action Other
GladiaTron 3D GladiaTron 3D is a fast-paced light cycle game for 1 or 2 players. Freeware
glDuke OpenGL version of Duke Nukem 3D Freeware
Glest 3D real time strategy game and engine. Freeware
glGo 3D Go board, client for IGS and GNU Go Freeware
Glory Zone Arcade space shooter with MP3 playback Shareware
glTron Tron inspired lightcycle racer Freeware
Golden T Game Engine (GTGE) Java 2D Game Engine uses OpenGL as the render target, focusing on ease to use Freeware
GOOFY Soccer 1.0 An OpenGL soccer game. Funny toon characters are playing fun soccer. Shareware
Half Life FPS based on the QuakeII engine. Commercial
Heavy Metal: F.A.K.K. 2 FPS using the QuakeIII engine Commercial
Helix Whirl and spiral through 4 worlds and 100 levels of fun in your game helicoptor Shareware
Helix for Windows Helicopter action game Shareware
Heretic II FPS using the QuakeII engine Commercial
Hexen II FPS using the Quake engine Commercial
HitBall 1.2 Use your mouse to maneuver balls in different game styles. Shareware
Hitman - Codename 47 Game where you are playing an assasin. Commercial
Hitman 2 - Silent Assassin Game where you are playing an assassin. Commercial
Homeworld 3D Real Time Strategy game set in space. Commercial
Homeworld Cataclysm RTS set 15years after the original homeworld Commercial
Homeworld2 A 3D RTS where you build an armada of spacecraft in order to survive Commercial
Hot Potato Online Bomb the opposition with explosive potatoes in this multiplayer arena sport game GPL-style
Hoverball Multiplayer futuristic soccer-like game (with guns and hoverships) Freeware
Hyperball Arkanoid inspired game in True 3D, with no paddle - introducing a novel new playing style! Freeware
I Have No Tomatoes A game where you smash as many tomatoes as you can within ten minutes. Other
IL-2 Sturmovik WW2 aircraft game Commercial
IL-2 Sturmovik: The Forgotten Battles WW2 aircraft game Commercial
Indyo Indyo is a Sokoban like game using OpenGL, SDL and Audiere for musics. Shareware
Jedi Knight II : Jedi Outcast FPS using the Quake III Team Arena engine Commercial
Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy Third-person action game that shows you how is the training and mastering of a Jedi. Commercial
Kaijin Vertical Shoot em up Shareware
KhunPhan Strategic puzzle board game Freeware
Kingping FPS using the Quake II engine. Commercial
Kirellii SST Graphical Console Enter the Starshiptraders universe, trade, build, crush your foes and dominate! Freeware
Korax' Heritage Fantasy RPG and first person shooter Freeware
KREF6 FPS game shooting monsters Freeware
ladybugs Race, wander around mazes and help ladybugs find their homes. Shareware
Laser Arena Laser Tag Game, FPS, Quake 3 Engine Commercial
Letter Rack 3D Scrabble-like word game Shareware
lightbikes v2.0 Fast 3d action game with network support and tron-like gameplay GPL-style
Little Soldiers Puzzle mixed with strategy. Shareware
Logical Stones OpenGL logic game. 100 levels, load /save replays. Freeware
Logical Stones 2004 An OpenGL puzzling logic game for people who like revelations Other
LuaLua Non-violent children's game Commercial
Magic Stones Fantasy rpg-game with card-like battles. Shareware
Mah-Jong master 3D TR 3D OpenGL-based Mah-Jong Commercial
Marble Blast Gold Race your marble through moving platforms, hazards, and power ups. Commercial
Marble Mayhem Guide the marble around the levels, find the warp point to progress before time runs out. Beta
Medal of Honor WWII Shooter set in European Theater of Operations Commercial
MEGACORPS™ ONLINE Tactical multiplayer first person shooter. Freeware
Mind Rover Game where you design and program your own robots for battles and races. Commercial
MineSweeper3D 3D version of Minesweeper. More addictive than the original! Shareware
MyMahj Solitaire mahjong game Shareware
Mystera Legends A 2D online game built on OpenGL with a 3D engine. Freeware
NetPong 3D This network-only game allows you to play 3D Pong with a friend. Freeware
Neverball Roll ball through obstacle course game. Based on Monkeyball GPL-style
Neverputt Hot-seat multiplayer mini-golf game included with Neverball GPL-style
NewWolf Wolfenstein 3D source port. Freeware
NoLimits Rollercoaster Realistic 3D rollercoaster simulator for PCs Commercial
OCSS Worms3d-like simulation of battle between teams(from 2 to 4) in a editable territory Freeware
One Must Fall : Battlegrounds Giant robot fighting game. Commercial
Oni Anime-style 3rd person fighting game Commercial
Oni 3rd Person Shooter/Fighting game Commercial
Pacman 3D Pacman implemented as a first-person game with sound and GFX using OpenGL Freeware
Parmen 2D (classic) or 3D (standard or tournament) chess. Can you win on Spock's board? Freeware
PlaneShift 3D OpenSource MMORPG in development. Freeware
Pontifex II Design, build and test bridges Commercial
Quake (GLQuake) id's first true 3d FPS was Quake, GLQuake is the 3d accelerated version. Commercial
Quake II Evolved Graphically enhanced source port of Quake II GPL-style
Quake III Arena FPS "without a story". Players simply battle each other or bots. Commercial
Quake IV An intense sequel to the famed game Quake 2. Commercial
QuakeII FPS, sequel to Quake. Commercial
Rage Hard Tactical Multiplayer Shooter. With a different style and many gametypes. Commercial
Realms Of Torment Massive Multiplayer Online RPG Commercial
Reaper A 3d space flight arcade game for Win32/Unix. Similar to Terminal Velocity. Freeware
Return Fire 2 Tank combat game, Commercial
Return To Castle wolfenstein First person shooter. Sequal to wolfenstein from the days of the 386 Commercial
Ricochet 3D version of Breakout/Brickles/Arkanoid with cool powerups & hazards. Freeware
Rune & Rune: Halls of Valhalla Viking based FPS, single and multiplayer adventure game Commercial
Scorched 3D 3D OpenGL remake of Scorched Earth. Freeware
Second Life A 3D digital world imagined, created and owned by its Residents. Commercial
Serious Sam / Serious Sam - The Second Encounter FPS shooter with a powerful OpenGL engine Commercial
Sin FPS using the QuakeII engine Commercial
smack solitaire Collection of 30 different types of Solitaire games Shareware
Snap Logic game Freeware
Soldier Of Fortune FPS using the Quake II engine Commercial
Soldier Of Fortune II : Double Helix FPS using the Quake III Team Arena engine Commercial
Sonic Speedsters A mix of arena-style combat, motorcycle racing, and reflex strategy Commercial
Spec Ops OpenGL military FPS Commercial
Star Torn A 3D Space Sim/RPG. - Being the good guy doesnt always pay. Beta
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine : The Fallen Star Trek Deep Space 9 OpenGL FPS Commercial
Star Trek: Voyager - Elite Force FPS set in the Star Trek universe using the Quake III engine. Commercial
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic An RPG set over 4,000 years before the first Star Wars film Commercial
Starscape Arcade space blaster with involving story Shareware
Su-27 Flanker 2.0 Old WW2 flight simulator. Commercial
Swap Logic game with online scoring Shareware
Tactical ops FPS game, Special Forces type missions. Commercial
ThinkTanks Cartoon tank combat with brain hungry bots & online opponents. Commercial
TORCS TORCS is a 3D racing cars simulator. Freeware
Trainz Detailed railroad simulator. Commercial
Treadmarks Tank racing game where you can even destroy the tracks Shareware
Tribal Trouble A fun 3d RTS game. (Linux, Windows, Mac) Commercial
Tribes 1 FPS team online game. Similiar to Tribes 2, Same idea, different game. Commercial
Tribes 2 Online team based FPS Commercial
Universal Boxing Manager Universal Boxing Manager is a boxing manager simulation. Shareware
Unreal FPS which added OpenGL support after shipping. Commercial
Unreal, Tournament Edition, U.T. 2003 FPS Shooter, hack the *.ini file for OGL support to be turned on Commercial
Vavoom Advanced Doom/Heretic/Hexen source port Freeware
Vega Strike 3D Space Simulator - trade and bounty hunt in a vast universe Beta
Virtual Bombard Virtual Bombard brings the classic tank wars game into stunning 3D! Freeware
Wik and the Fable of Souls Downloadable action-fable with unique graphics Shareware
WJChess 3D 3D Chess game Shareware
Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory A multiplayer WW2 shoot-em-up. Orginally an expansion of Return to Castle Wolfenstein. Freeware
World War 2 Fighters World War 2 airplane battle game Commercial
X-Men: The ravages of apocalypse Quake 1 conversion -The X-MEN fight for peace in a world at war with itself Commercial
Yoodoo Creative games/activities for young artists Shareware
YS Flight 2000 OpenGl free combat flight sim. Replays, network. Freeware
ZDoomGL An OpenGL port of ZDoom 2.0 (! GPL-style
3D Boids Three dimensional simulation of the flocking behaviour of birds. Freeware
3D Walkinside Real-time visualization of the complex models containing up to 120 million polygons Commercial
3DShadows Visualization of different real-time shadow-algorithms. Freeware
Aerofly Radio controlled flight simulator Commercial
AGI32 Calculation and visualization package for electric lighting and daylight Commercial
ai.planet Virtual world for artificial intelligence. Beta
AIMSUN 3D AIMSUN 3D is an application used to simulate and visualise real traffic conditions. Commercial
Amira Advanced visualization, data analysis, geometry reconstruction Commercial
ASAP: Optical Modeling Software Ray tracing for modeling physical optics, imaging, and illumination systems Commercial
AutoMod Design, analysis & emulation of complex systems Commercial
AV_TEC Driving Simulator Virtual reality software for driving simulators Commercial
Biodesigner Free molecular modeling and visualization Freeware
Capture 3.0 A theatre/TV/event/architectural lighting design and visualization software. Commercial
Celestia A real time 3D simulation of the solar system, stars, and galaxies. Freeware
Centric Innovation Dynamic & kinematic simulation Commercial
ClothSim The real-time cloth simulator Freeware
Computer Physics Simulations Dynamics Engine, Waves equation, Navier-Stokes Fluid, Quantum Mechanics, Cloth Behavior Freeware
Designers Workbench (DWB) DWB is a 3D instrumentation sim & modeling tool that generates OpenGL code. Commercial
designLab General porpuse 3D Topology Optimization program. Freeware
Di-Guy Virtual animated humans Commercial
Framsticks Framsticks is a 3D life simulation project. Shareware
FreeVol3D A free 3D medical visualization software for CT and MR DICOM volume data. Freeware
glHorizon Flight simulator developed in opengl and C++ Freeware
Gravitation3D Gravity simulator to construct and simulate unique planetary systems in 3D. Shareware
Gravity 6 Simulates gravity in 3D. Bodies can be wrapped with bitmaps. Freeware
HyperPipe Professional Flight Simulation Software Commercial
iDance and D-Player iDance allows you to experience dancing in 3D to let dancers practice their moves. Freeware
Moldflow Plastics Advisers Plastic Flow simulation for solids-based analysis. Commercial
Moldflow Plastics Insight In-depth simulations to validate part and mold design. Commercial
multiSIM Simulates CNC machines and robots to detect collisions, and overtravel. Commercial
MultiSurface Aerodynamics Design, analyze & visualize multiple aerodynamic surfaces such as wings & hydrofoils Commercial
Planisphere Night sky survey for current date and time. Freeware
Prayer mill Tibetan style prayer mill. Freeware
Qmol Viewing molecular structures and animating molecular trajectories Freeware
RTFSS (Real Time Free Surface Solver) RTFSS is a fast open source fluid simulator of arbitrary fluids and situations. GPL-style
Santorini Molecular viewer that can calculate correlation functions Freeware
Simulations and Visualizations of Optimization Algorithms Simmulated Annealing, Genetic Algorithms, A* Search, Hill Climbing, Tabu Search Freeware
Starry Night Backyard 4.x Desktop planetarium for anyone with an interest in the night sky Commercial
Starry Night Pro 4.x For the amateur astronomer to view & track the stars & celestial objects in 3D Commercial
VertiSim A simulator for the immortal helicopter toy from the '70s, VertiBird. Freeware
Virtainer 3D interactive visualization system for container terminals. Beta
Visions Of Chaos Software relating to chaos and fractals. OpenGL is used for all the 3D output. Commercial
VisIt Fully featured, parallelized visualization tool for many meshtypes, platforms. Freeware
VisProject Interactive real-time 3d simulator Commercial
VMD VMD is a molecular visualization program providing interactive manipulations of molecules. Freeware
VSX Ultra Build music visualizations and sequence effects over time. Freeware
X-Plane Accurate and extensible cross-platform flight simulator. Commercial
YS Flight 2000 Freeware Flight Simulator. Freeware
3D Chemical Elements Interactive Screensaver Interactive 3D models of all atoms from Periodic table of Mendeleev Shareware
3D Walkinside CFD Real-time rendering of massive models with very large CFD contents. Commercial
3DSurface Viewer Draw surfaces defined by mathematical expressions Freeware
4Dvoxel 4D/3D visualization with advanced measurement tools for medical applications: app or ActiveX component Commercial
AnalyGeo 3D-visualization of objects in analytic geometry intended for teachers and students. Commercial
Axiom Discovery Molecule Viewer For Windows Explorer Molecular structure and surfaces visualization Freeware
BurnCase 3D 3-Dimensional Modeling of Human Burn Injuries and Burns Treatment Commercial
Ch A C/C++ interpreter for scripting, 2D/3D plotting and numerical computing. Commercial
Ch OpenGL binding Ch OpenGL binding is a free cross-platform Ch binding to OpenGL API for 2D/3D graphics. Freeware
chimera Chimera is a highly extensible, interactive molecular graphics program. Freeware
Decision Space PowerModel and PowerGrid Geographic reservoir modeling workflow with local grid refinemen Commercial
DTM Digital Terrain Mapping Import Digital Elevations, overlay .shp files, view map or 3D OpenGL scene Freeware
Equipotential surfaces 3D Electromagnetism software for visualization of equipotential surfaces and field lines Shareware
Equipotential surfaces 3D Electromagnetism software for visualization of equipotential surfaces and field lines  
Facio Molecular Modeling and Visualization of Quantum Chemical Calculations Freeware
Functor Graphical analysis of 3D algebraic functions, such as z = f(x, y) Freeware
GDManager Integrated Geothermal Data Management using OpenGL for contour reporting Commercial
GLView Pro Advanced 3D visualization and interactive animations of finite element analysis data Commercial
Gmsh 3D finite element mesh generator with CAD and post-processing facilities. Freeware
Gr Interactively analyze, edit, or print X-Y data. Animate vector or particle data on a map. Freeware
Graf A 3D equation grapher able to graph just about any real-valued or complex-valued function! Shareware
GraphingCalc Mathematical 2D/3D visualization program. Shareware
Graphis 2D/3D Data visualization and analysis tool. Commercial
Great Stella Professional tool for exploring polyhedra and printing their nets Shareware
KnotPlot Software for visualizing, manipulating, and energy minimizing mathematical knots. Freeware
MathInt Full OpenGL interpreter for Mathematica 5.0 by Wolfram Research Commercial
Medit Interactive manipulation of unstructured (2D, 3D and surface) meshes w/ post-processing Freeware
MeVisLab Research and prototyping platform for medical image processing and visualization Freeware
Miner3D Interactive 3D visual data analysis for MS Excel and MS Access. Commercial
MVE - Medical Volume Explorer Visualisation of 3D medical data by "Direct Volume Rendering" Freeware
NOC A molecular graphic tool based on OpenGL for protein model-building, visulization, analysis Freeware
OpenQVis Interactive high-quality volume visualization on commodity graphics hardware. Freeware
OpenRT-3D Real time OpenGL 2D and 3D cognitive reaction time experiments Freeware
OrbView A Geographic Information System with plug-ins support. GPL-style
OziExplorer3D 3D viewer for maps created using OziExplorer GPS Mapping Software Shareware
ParaView A parallel visualization application for structured and unstructured data. Freeware
Plot3d Plot3d can graph 2d and 3d functions. It uses OpenGL to graph 3d surfaces. Other
PowerConnect Software to calculate steel connection in steel construction Commercial
SkullyDoo 3D Image segmentation and visualization Freeware
Spatial Data Analyzer Transform data into maps and animations with dynamic data draped over GIS layers Commercial
SPVolRen Free shader framework for scientific volume visualization based on GPU-based raycasting. GPL-style
Starry Night Astronomy software that lets you navigate the stars in 3D perspective Commercial
Terracopter Interactive 3D visualization of geographic or scientific raster data with image overlay Other
TesselSphere Spherical subdivision utility GPL-style
TesselSphere OpenGL spherical subdivision utility GPL-style
The Atomsmith Molecular Exploration Kit Atomsmith is a program for exploring the 3D structure and behavior of molecules. Commercial
TownScope Evaluation of solar access & perceptive qualities in urban open spaces Commercial
TrackLogs Digital Mapping TrackLogs Digital Mapping is a 3D enabled recreational mapping tool. Commercial
VisIt Fully featured, parallelized visualization tool for many meshtypes, platforms. Freeware
VPV (Velocity Profile Viewer) Displays water velocity data as a 3D animation. Freeware
WinTrak Pro Easy-to-use program for tracking satellites in real-time on PC. Commercial
YASARA View Molecular graphics & modeling, write your own animations and plugins Freeware
zeGraph An object rendering system for 3D data visualization using Lua script. Shareware
1 Moon Above See the phases of the Moon in stunning 3D ! Shareware
3D Box Maker Professional 3D Box Maker Professional helps you to create virtual packaging. Shareware
3D Calculator Intended to be used in computing, plotting functions and programming. Shareware
3D Screensavers Many OpenGL 3D screensavers including Liquid Desktop and Picture Cube 3D. Freeware
3D SunXi Go Screen Saver Replay your favorite go game on a 3D board. Freeware
3D SunXi Particle Screen Saver 3D Particle Screen Saver, with many different scenes and user options Freeware
ALaSpherius 3D Transformable Quadric objects Screen saver with random textures. Win32 source code. Freeware
Ambient Light 3D Screen saver with 3D objects randomly flying in deep space. Shareware
AquaScape 3D Screensaver with over 50 fish swimming in a very configurable underwater world Commercial
AURELIO Hardware accelerated image viewer supporting pixel shaders and automatic Mipmapping Shareware
Bananas In Space A very cool 3D screensaver featuring Bananas! Shareware
Blackbox 3D MP3 Player Interactive, skinnable 3D MP3 player Freeware
Botanical Dreams Screensaver of flower & field photos powered by OpenGL motion picture effects Commercial
Braun AW60 Screensaver that displays a detailed model of a Braun AW60 chronograph. Freeware
Bugix: Adventures on the Flying Islands Free screensaver featuring 3D graphics of an ocian island with sound score Freeware
CtrlView A viewer/converter for different 2D/3D raster/vector file formats. Shareware
DXGL Wrapper Allows Direct3D 8 programs to run without a Direct3D driver by using OpenGL. Beta
European Flags Screensaver Cloth Simulation Screensaver. Freeware
Fireworks Spectacular A customizable full-scale vibrant OpenGL fireworks display Commercial
flower screenaver Nice coloured blue + red flowers besides text floating around. Freeware
Flowerz Screensaver and a simple OpenGL benchmark application. Freeware
Fonture Create fonts on bitmaps ( textures) for use in OpenGL Freeware
Food File Food File is a free nutritional database with 1000s of food products and 3D pie charts Freeware
Foto-Cube A rotating textured cube. A BMP file can be selected for every side of the cube. Freeware
fv An HDRI (high dynamic range image) viewer running on OpenGL/GLUT. GPL-style
Game Config Check Tool to check if your PC has OpenGL drivers correctly installed Freeware
glData Utility to display data points in 3D using OpenGL via GLScene. Freeware
GLExcess 1.2 OpenGL benchmarking utility: CPU, Fill Rate, Vram, PolyCount tests. Freeware
GLView Displays vendor name, version, renderer & extensions of your OpenGL 3D accelerator Freeware
GoopyCreatures 3D Screensaver An assortment of morphing, hypnotic, jelly like Goopy alien life forms! Shareware
Island Of Fire 3D Screensaver Download and watch dark forgotten flying island surrounded with lava! Freeware
KataFX 3.0 Plug-in for Winamp with many sound reactive editable worlds. The UI clips for projectors Commercial
MasmoBench Tests Graphic card and CPU. Uses realtime Shadows, Render to Text and others... Freeware
MaxBench 3 MaxBench 3 is a graphic benchmark for Windows. Source Included Freeware
Mcad interactive creation of OpenGL source code in C++, ANSI C and Delphi Freeware
Meshbox Powerful 3D object database and file conversion tool Commercial
MiniDooM OpenGL Doom3 viewer Freeware
Nature's Kaleidoscope Screensaver where undreds of flowers spin and move in full-motion high-res splendor Commercial
OceanDive Unique combination of a 3D ocean screensaver and an exploration game Shareware
OpenGL Extension Viewer Displays the vendor name, version implemented, renderer name, and OpenGL extensions. Freeware
opengl fireworks screen saver Free opengl fireworks screen saver that can make every day a holiday! Freeware
Patmos Molecular screen saver for windows Freeware
Play3D 3D movie player using OpenGL quad-buffer stereo, with many options. Freeware
PolyhedronOpenGL Morphing platonic duals. Novel way to do spot reflection. Source available. Freeware
PoseRay PoseRay previews & converts LWO,OBJ,3DS,RAW & DXF into POV-Ray/Moray/OBJ Freeware
RasterSaver Anime inspired screen saver. Source included. Freeware
Really Slick Screensavers Several OpenGL screensavers, source code , and links to ports on non-Win32 platforms. Freeware
Shadow Caster Application used to cast shadows on a heightmap. Freeware
Shiva Screensaver Screensaver showing off many different effects in various colours. Freeware
SkyScapes Screensaver where sky scenes and clouds of all sorts whisp across your desktop in full motion Commercial
SpaceTime SNTP Client An immersive, 3D graphics interface characterizes this highly accurate SNTP Time Client. Shareware
Stellarium Renders 3D photo-realistic skies in real time Freeware
StereoSlides 3D stereo image viewer, using OpenGL quad-buffer display. Freeware
SunXi 3D Viewer This freeware show the power of SunXI 3D. It's a very fast viewer. Freeware
TopDesk TopDesk gives you a grid-like overview of all open windows. Commercial
Topicscape 3D concept mapping tool: organize work, projects, reference, hobbies. Commercial
TriDComm - 3D Commander Freeware 3D file manager and a 3D trace router for Windows. Freeware
Universe Construction Kit screensaver Simulates real gravity forces to move planets and stars on your screen Shareware
Usless Creation Screen Savers Various Screensavers, Santa Claus, LOTR, Spiderman, Star Wars, etc. Freeware
WarrenView An image viewer with ability to rotate & zoom images with filtering. Freeware
World Saver 3D A stunning 3D Earth / Sun / Moon screensaver Shareware
xscreensaver OpenGL and 2d xscreensavers ported to Win32. Freeware
XtoOgx Microsoft DirectX .X File Format to OpenGL source converter based on Display List. Freeware
3D RT Real-time 3D transitions for Canopus RT Digital Video products Commercial
3Di Texture mapping for textiles Commercial
3DMenow Designer & Pro Creates photorealistic, animatable digital 3D models from photographs. Commercial
3DPainter 3D Painter for Hash Animation Master models. Commercial
3ds max Professional 3D modeling, animation and rendering Commercial
Abrosoft FantaMorph Create fantastic morphing effects in real time with ease and fun Shareware
AC3D Low poly modeller with support for various formats. Shareware
AciveSolid 3D solid modeling ActiveX control & application Shareware
aeliom Real-time landscape exploration & generation tool Freeware
Amapi 3D 3D modeler Commercial
Amorphium 3D modeler Commercial
Anark Studio Interactive motion 3D graphics & sound Commercial
Anim8or 3D modeling and character animation Freeware
Anim8or 3D modeling and character animation program Freeware
Animation Master 3D animation Commercial
Argon Free-form wireframe, surfacing, and solid modeling Commercial
Artstream Illustration & PageLayout Beta
AutoQ3D OpenGL QT quick 3d model editor program GPL-style
AXEL 3D Web/CD content authoring Commercial
Ayam 3D modelling environment for the RenderMan interface Freeware
Blender 3d Open Source integrated 3D modeling, animation, rendering, game creation & playback. GPL-style
blueprint A 3D modelling program for creating objects in Maxis' game, The Sims. Freeware
Bryce Landscape and 3D World creator Commercial
Carrara Modeling, rendering, scene building & animation Commercial
Character Studio Character animation plug in for 3D Studio Max Commercial
Cinema 4D Modeling, raytracing & animation Commercial
combustion 2D & 3D visual effects Commercial
Commotion Motion graphics and video effects & compositing Commercial
Cosmos4D Real time, 3D, multimedia authoring tool. Shareware
Creatoon 2.5D cutout animation toolkit Commercial
Daylon Leveller Heightfield/terrain/bumpmap modeler Commercial
DAZ|Studio Free software application that allows you to easily create 3D art. Freeware
Demopaja Realtime multimedia authoring tool. Beta
Design Expert 3D modeling and rendering for industrial design Commercial
DirectTransition3D Xtra 3D transitions for Director , Shockwave & Authorware Commercial
DRAMA 3D modeling, animating and rendering of human characters Commercial
E-Picture Pro Animated Web graphics & video Commercial
Electric Image Universe 3D modeling, animating, and rendering system Commercial
Expression Real time facial animation package based on muscle model of the face Freeware
Extruder Create 3D objects using extrusion and texture mapping Freeware
eZediaMX Multimedia compositor and playback of 3D, video, graphics, animation & sound Commercial
FaceGen Modeler Facial modeling Commercial
fire 3D titling and compositing for HD and Digital Cinema Commercial
flame 3D visual effects for broadcast or multimedia Commercial
FontFX 3D titling, logo and type effects Commercial
form-Z 3D modeling and animation Commercial
Freeform Touch feedback 3D modeling Commercial
FreeWorld3D 3D Terrain Editor for use in game development. Shareware
Geo 3D modeling & animation For visual simulation Commercial
GeoBrowse 3D model cataloging/viewing Commercial
Geoscape3d 3d Terrain and Landscape Texture creator / editor Commercial
Gepetto Dance Choreography Freeware
GePhex GePhex is a modular real-time video effect framework. Freeware
glTIP Creates pseudo-3D animation from 2D images. Freeware
gmax 3D modeling and animation tool based on 3ds max Freeware
Grafitti 3D painting Freeware
HollywoodFX 3D digital video effects, transitions, compositing & animation Commercial
Houdini 3D animation & effects Commercial
HueViewer Highly flexible volume & polygon rendering for very large volumes Commercial
Icarus Camera matchmoving and geometry reconstruction tool Freeware
ImageModeler Automatic creation of 3D models w/ textures, from still pictures Commercial
ImageModeler Measure and create 3D scenes using photographs Commercial
Imagine 3D modeling and rendering Commercial
Indigo Realtime physically-based rendering software for color accurate communication Commercial
inferno Create 3D visual effects for film Commercial
Insta3D 3D text & charts Commercial
iSpace 3D web graphics Commercial
Jahshaka Realtime video editing and effects system Freeware
K3D Modeling, animation and Renderman rendering Freeware
Kapsul 3D Create terrain maps and models Beta
Kaydera MOTIONBUILDER Real-time 3D character animation Commercial
Kaydera ONLINE Integrates 3D animation and live video Commercial
KazooStudio Add 3D models to photos Commercial
LaFonte 3D text Commercial
Life Forms 3D character motion Commercial
Lightscape Renderer Commercial
Lightwave 3D 3D modeling, animation, rendering Commercial
LiveArt Artistic 3D rendering Commercial
LiveStage Professional QuickTime authoring application converges media types to create interactive presentations. Commercial
LogoCAD Simple to use 2d/3d cad software for all purpose of mechanical engineering Commercial
Loq Airou 3D modeler Commercial
Lyric 3D broadcast graphics & animation Commercial
Magpie Pro Lipsync and timing tool for animators of all kinds. Shareware
Matchmover Camera Tracking for inserting 3D objects info live-action footage Commercial
Matrix 3D Modeling & animation Beta
Maya Character animation, modeling, F/X, rendering Commercial
Media Composer Customizable 3D effects & 3D titling animation for video & film Commercial
mental ray Photorealistic ray-tracing and scanline rendering Commercial
Milkshape 3D 3D modeling (lowcount polygon)mental Free
ModelMagic3D 3D Modeling Commercial
MojoWorld Terrain modeler/renderer Commercial
MultiGen Creator Realtime 3D polygon modeler for interactive 3D simulation content. Commercial
Neon 3D renderings & animations publishing tool for print and the web Commercial
OpenFX Open-source 3D modeling, animation and rendering suite Freeware
Penguin Non-photorealistic renderer for Rhino and AutoCAD Commercial
PhotoModeler Pro 5 Model and measure real-world objects from photos Commercial
Pixicon Rendering, hierarchical & procedural animation, and game development. Includes source Freeware
plasma 2D & 3D design for web Commercial
PowerPlugs: Transitions and 3D Titles Sophisticated TV-style 3D effects & Titling in PowerPoint presentations Commercial
Reactor Create 3D music video scenes Commercial
Reflex|DRAMA Resolution-independant human modeling and animation software. Commercial
Reflex|FreeDNA Free DNA and Musculo-Skeleton Viewer. Freeware
Relux Professional 2005 Free lighting calculation and light design program Other
Remo 3D Tool for creating and modifying 3D models. Commercial
Rhino3D 3D NURBS modeling Commercial
SceneWe@ver Add interactive 3D to photographic panoramas Commercial
ShapeSnatcher Suite Pictures captured with the ShapeCam digital camera are processed and assembled in 3D Commercial
Simplifikator Reduction tool for complex scenes with OpenGL previews Other
Simply 3D Creation and Modification of 3D Images Commercial
SketchUp SketchUp is powerful yet easy-to-learn 3D software. Commercial
Smode Studio Creation and handling of visual compositions (2D & 3D) in real time. Commercial
SOFTIMAGE|XSI   Commercial
solidThinking 6.5 Professional surface modeling and rendering solution for ID and CG artists Commercial
SpilinEditor A graphical spline profiles editor with OpenGL 3D preview of surf. of revolution Freeware
Spyderwerx3D Realtime 3D content creation for simulation Commercial
Stitcher Build high-quality panoramas for the Web, film, print, and 3D Commercial
Strata 3Dpro Sophisticated modeling, rendering & animation Commercial
Swift3D 3D for Macromedia Flash Commercial
Symphony Post production tools with Marquee 3D Title & DVE Tool Commercial
TerraVista 3D database generation for simulation and GIS applications Commercial
Timothy Albee's Facial Animation (TAFA) Morph-based lip-sync and facial animation tool. Commercial
TruSpace 3D Modeling & animation Commercial
Used Reality 1.1 Modeling from photos Commercial
UView Parametric texture mapping Commercial
VirtualLight Previewing and photorealistic rendering of 3D scenes Freeware
VRMesh Sketch-based free-form 3D polygonal parametric modeling software Commercial
Vue d'Esprit Complete studio to create, render and animate natural scenery. Commercial
Wings 3D Polygon modeler developed in Erlang using an SDL interface to OpenGL Freeware
Xplode 3D transitions for digital video (DVE) Commercial
12d Model 12d Model is a 3D Civil,Surveying,Construction,Water,Mining design program. Commercial
3Space Assistant CAD/CAM Viewer Commercial
ActiveSolid ActiveSolid is a dual mode 3D modeling, prototyping and view markup CAD application Shareware
ARC+ Render Pro Innovative, easy to use and powerful 3D photo-realistic rendering software Commercial
ArtCAM 3D modelling of high detail, low relief for manufacture using CNC or Rapid Prototype. Commercial
CADMAI Relational 2D/3D CAD system which can be integrated in 3rd party applications. Shareware
Chief Architect 3D object oriented CAD - architectural design and drafting Commercial
Cobalt Parametric free-form wireframe, organic NURBS surfacing, & ACIS solid modeling Commercial
Cut It An application for cutting 3D Models. CutIt will show cross section of 3D Models. GPL-style
DesignCAD CAD with on screen shading & real time 2D/3D modeling Commercial
DeskArtes Industrial Design System 3D modeling and rendering for CAD & industrial design Commercial
DeskProto 3D CAM software for Rapid Prototyping. Commercial
Easy3DScan 3D scanning tool for fast automatic generation of textured 3D models Commercial
ECOTECT Graphical 3D building design and performance & energy analysis software. Commercial
Fikus VisualCAM CAD/CAM for milling, wire edm, lathe and laser. Commercial
Graphite 2D and 3D professional drafting Commercial
I-DEAS I-deas is a scalable, integrated,3D CAD/CAM/CAE solution Commercial
Ligno3D Designer 3D design program for woodworkers, for complex polyhedral objects. Commercial
OmniCAD CAD for Advanced Surface Modeling. Developed to aid Mold and Die makers. Commercial
OneCNC CAD/CAM OneCNC Hybrid Modeling CAD/CAM incorporating OpenGL Rendering and Simulation Commercial
RoofWright Conservatory design and fabrication program Commercial
SketchBoard CAD software that can convert sketch into simple polygon. GPL-style
SketchBoard A sketch oriented CAD. A tool for designers. GPL-style
Unigraphics CAD Software for mechanical engineering Commercial
VariCAD Mechanical Engineering CAD Commercial
Vellum Pro Intuitive 2D/3D CAD system with automatic NURB surface generation Commercial
VirtualMEC 3D CAD application for Meccano models building. Commercial
Woody Case Furniture Computer-Aided Design System Commercial
Xenon Associative free-form wireframe, NURBS surfacing, & solids for industrial design Commercial
Active Worlds Plug-in VRML buiilder, viewer and community environments Freeware
Amaya Web Browser/Editor for HTML, XHTML, CSS, MathML, SVG and XML. (opensource) Freeware
ClaraGL Costumizable 3D-WWW-browser with interactive textures of HTML-pages mapped on any geometry Freeware
Cortona VRML Client VRML 97 client plug-in for Web browsers with Java and JavaScript support Freeware
Cosmo Player VRML browser Freeware
CubicEye 3D web browser Commercial
GLView VRML viewer Shareware
Octaga A high-performance, standards-compliant, multimedia VRML/X3D player. Freeware
OpenVRML VRML97 runtime library. Freeware
OpenWorlds C++ toolkit for integrating VRML into any new or existing applications Commercial
Panorama3D Web streaming panoramic images supporting links and scripting. Commercial
Progressive Fans Representation (PFRep) Plug-in for streaming progressive 3d models using progressive fans technology Beta
SpinFire Lightweight VRML 1.0/2.0 CAD Viewer Freeware
SwirlX3D X3D and VRML authoring system with OpenGL acceleration Commercial
Tactile 3D Sort, organize, and access all your files in an easy to navigate 3D environment. Commercial
There Beta, VRML application incorporates Instant messaging, online shopping. Commercial
Visualizador3D Virtual reality viewer for real time walkthroughs with textures, collision and gravity. Shareware
Vizx3D Web3D ( VRML/X3D ) authoring tool Beta
Vizx3D Visual 3D modeling and animation that creates X3D and VRML97. Shareware
WorkSpace3D The first 3D webconferencing and realtime collaborative work tool Commercial
3D CakeWalk A 3D Game Engine. Works with both OpenGL and DX9. Commercial
3D Charting Toolkit ActiveX charting components using OpenGL (Chart, PieChart, Legend, Clock and Text.) Commercial
3D Surface ActiveX control Component for fast application development with VB, VC or Delphi Commercial
3D VRcontext GE 3D engine able to render massive models containing up to 120 million triangles Commercial
3DChart for .NET .NET charting component built on OpenGL Commercial
3DShapes Toolkit Delphi components w/ scene management for rapid 3D app development Commercial
ACIS 3D 3D modeling kernel for building OpenGL MCAD/CAM/CAE and AEC Commercial
AdaOpenGL Ada binding to OpenGL Freeware
AgentFX™ 2 Platform Powerful 3D-engine developed in Java for games and high-end 3D applications. Commercial
AllegroGL Library to use OpenGL in Allegro Freeware
Amanith Crossplatform opensource ANSI C++ framework for vector graphics. GPL-style
Amp II 3D Game Design System with per pixel lighting, bump mapping and more! Commercial
APOCALYX 3D Engine A simple 3D engine based on OpenGL useful to develop small demos and simulations. Freeware
ATS Mozaik ActiveX control 3D CAD modelling toolkit with rich feature set and OpenGL support Commercial
BaseGraph Pascal Pascal IDE to generate OpenGL applications. Includes OpenGL 1.5, BaseGraph and ODE Freeware
BJUGL Visualization library for triangular mesh based data Freeware
BspSolid Polyhedra solid modeling library using BSP trees Commercial
C4 Engine Comprehensive cross-platform game engine using state-of-the-art technology. Commercial
Ca3D-Engine Modern 3D graphics engine. Commercial
Carad OpenGL Delphi, C++, or ANSI C source content creation tool Shareware
CARIS++ Spatial Object Framework Volumetric, Multidimensional and Terrain-Modeling Frameworks & Libraries Commercial
Ch for OpenGL C interpreter for web based OpenGL applications across platform Commercial
ClassGL MFC classes for Win9x/NT applications development, using OpenGL. Commercial
Classical Moon Game Developer Kit 2D/3D game development kit Other
Cpw Free, application framework library for OpenG. A modernized alternative to GLUT Freeware
Crystal Space Free, feature-rich, portable 3D Game Development Kit Freeware
CsGL (C sharp Graphics Library) .Net wrapper for OpenGL Freeware
CsoundAV CsoundAV is a realtime-oriented version of Csound with 3D animated graphics support Freeware
DarkCloud 3D Game Engine written in c/asm. Freeware
Decoy3D engine Decoy3D engine used for games like Amaze. With VC++6, DirectInput and OGG music . Beta
Delphi OpenGL Toolkit Utility library to speed up OpenGL development in Delphi Freeware
DemoGL 3D audiovisual scripting environment Freeware
DIPlib Digital Image Processing Library, implemented with C and OpenGL programmable pipeline. Freeware
Display3DS Simple example shows how to easily decode and display 3DS meshes Freeware
ENKIDOU Component library for scientific computing environments using Java and OpenGL Commercial
ExoEngine # OpenGL and Cg 3D Game Engine for .NET Freeware
Extglgen OpenGL extension loading library generator tool Freeware
fltk Fast, Light GUI Toolkit for OpenGL Freeware
Fly3D 2 Game engine written in C++. Freeware
Fortran77 OpenGL toolkit Modified bindings for F77 from the latest GLUT and f90gl version Freeware
Freeglut Open source alternative to GLUT Freeware
FTGL Open source library to enable developers to use arbitrary fonts in their OpenGL apps Freeware
gDEBugger OpenGL debugger, traces application on top of OpenGL, finds bugs and optimize performance. Commercial
GEM (Graphics Environment for Multimedia) Visual programming language for multimedia presentations Freeware
GEM 3D Portable, free, open source, 3D game engine Freeware
GeoMatrix Toolkit SDK C++ Library for interactive applications that offer global-to-street-level rendering Commercial
Gizmo3D Gizmo3D is a high performance 3D Scene graph C++ toolkit. Commercial
GL2PS OpenGL to PostScript printing library Freeware
glAnalyze Pro Performance enhancment and debugging tool for OpenGL developers Commercial
GLBasic SDK Basic-like programming language designed for 3D game programming with OpenGL. Shareware
GLEW Assists C/C++ OpenGL developers with initializing and using extensions. Freeware
GLFW Alternative to GLUT Freeware
GLIntercept OpenGL logger/debugger for textures/shaders with runtime editing. GPL-style
GLScene Open-source OpenGL Library for Borland Delphi Freeware
GLSharp .NET dll that wraps OpenGL Freeware
GLSurveyor Interceptor library providing run-time instrumentation of OpenGL applications Freeware
GLVR Library for entertainment virtual reality Freeware
HOpenGL Haskell binding for OpenGL/GLUT Freeware
HueSpace SDK ActiveX component for high performance volume visualization of very large volumes Commercial
Iupiter Iupiter is a Java API which enable to use native APIs such as OpenGL and OpenAL GPL-style
Kyra Sprite Engine Kyra is a simple, fully featured, cross platform Sprite engine in C++. Freeware
LDuke3D Improved Duke Nukem 3D engine Freeware
LEADTOOLS Vector Imaging Pro toolkit A powerful vector imaging developer SDK Commercial
LibSpider Library of c++ classes for making 3d games and apps with OpenGL. Freeware
Lightweight Java Game Library Exposes the *full* OpenGL & OpenAL APIs to Java game developers Beta
MNCadBuilder component suite to rapidly build individual and powerful CAD/graphics applications Commercial
NeoEngine Complete Open Source 3D game engine written in C++ with OpenGL rendering backend. Freeware
OglExt library OglExt enables the easy access of all functionality of over 200 OpenGL extensions. Freeware
Open Inventor C++ or Java 3D Graphic Components for Rapid Application Development Commercial
Open Inventor implementation SGI Open Inventor Windows port with Installer + API Documentation Freeware
Open Scene Graph Very modern and complete scene graph API/library layered on OpenGL (platform independent) Freeware
OpenGL for Java Maps complete OpenGL and GLU APIs to Java language. Freeware
OpenGL Performer API for real-time visual simulation & 3D graphics application Commercial
OpenMind 3D engine Game engine written on top of gl4java. Freeware
OpenSG Portable scenegraph system to create realtime graphics programs Freeware
ORB Renderbump tool / normalmap generator Freeware
Panard Vision Open source 3d engine, fast and high quality. Freeware
Pliable Display Technology (PDT) An integratable virtual lens technology enabling detail-in-context viewing and editing. Commercial
PTK Multi-platform 2D game engine with 3D capabilities. Commercial
QDTE 3D Engine 3D terrain engine Freeware
Quesa High level 3D library with retained and immediate mode rendering & scene graph Freeware
Reflex|OHX Resolution-independant human generation SDK. Commercial
SansGUI Modeling and simulation environment for developing programs without writing any GUI code. Commercial
SARGE Animation SDK SDK that to help you import bone animations into your own engine Commercial
Silver Baloon 3D Engine A 3D Engine Freeware
SpeedTreeRT Renders lush and full trees that blow in the wind in real-time. Commercial
Sylphis 3D High-end 3D game engine,with stencil shadows,bump mapping,shaders,3D sound,physics. Freeware
Tao Framework Complete framework to develop OpenGL applications in .NET enviroment. GPL-style
Teddy Simple scene graph manager with windowing system and LightWave scene & object loaders Beta
TKScript Free scriptlanguage w/ OpenGL1.1/SDL bindings, a JIT compiler and a "pak" file VFS. Beta
Torque Game Engine A full-featured AAA game engine supports OpenGL - Windows, Linux & Mac Commercial
V3X.NET A versatile 3D engine for Win32 (also MacOS & BeOS). Commercial
Vega Prime Realtime3D application development API. Includes scene graph and GUI configuration tool. Commercial
Vision 3D Game Engine Powerful, feature-rich 3D Game Engine used in a number of AAA titles Commercial
Visual Component Framework Win32 C++ Application framework, with built-in support for OpenGL. Freeware
x3dSnap Compiler Compile VRML models to ANSI C source code for fast, lightweight "library free" OpenGL apps Commercial
XMage / Turbine Relatively simple 3D engine written in Java. Freeware
Yeti3D Game Engine A cross platform game engine with support for OpenGL, Linux & Gameboy Advanced. Beta