Sftp backup server+ CentOS-5.5-i386-netinstall

underconstruction. This page is for my use.

  1.  download and burn a boot cd


  2. boot with this cd with a pc have two hard drive. one for the os and other for the video files.
  3. choose installation method http
  4. Website Name: mirror.centos.org
    CentOS Directory: (for i386) /centos/5.5/os/i386
    CentOS Directory: (for 64 bit) /centos/5.5/os/x86_64

  5. select server and customize now options

  6. Then click "Next" to continue on

    Once presented with the custom package selection you need to un-check/check the following:

    Applications = Check only "Editors" and "Text Based Internet"
    Servers = Un-check everything
    Base System = Check only "Base" (you can check Administration Tools and System Tools if you need them, but they are not necessary)
  7. Now let the system finish installing

  8. Reboot all commands should be run as root

  9.  After the first reboot the setup screen should appear. If not then log into the system and type "setup"


  11. Go into the "Firewall Configuration" enable the Security Level, and Enable SELinux . click on cutomise and select ssh

  12.   cd /bin/

  13. wget http://www.malayalam.net/howto/sftpbackupserver/sftpshell

  14.   sftpshell size is  7.6K.
    md5sum of sftpshell is 3d0aa724769bc7af70ac39c524c082fa sftpshell

  15. chown root.root /bin/sftpshell

  16. chmod 555 /bin/sftpshell

  17. create a backup user for each client pc

  18. useradd -s /bin/sftpshell backuppc1

  19. on client linux pc create a user backuppc1

  20. login as backup on client pc

  21. ssh-keygen -t rsa 

  22. sftp backupserver

  23. put ~/.ssh/id_rsa.pub  .ssh/authorized_keys

  24. after this logging on to backupserver use publickey

  25. create a cronjob to upload backup files to backupserver as backupuser